Ni No Kuni 2 has gone gold, only an act of God can delay it now


Knock on wood

Some people have been waiting what feels like ages for Ni no Kuni II. Given that Wrath of the White Witch dropped in 2011 in Japan (and the DS original in 2010), it has been close to an age.

Ni no Kuni II promises more Level-5 goodness, more Ghibli style charm (note that Studio Ghibli is not directly involved this time, but the project’s character designer was formerly with the company) and what seems to be a giant world to explore — naturally, for folks who adored the original, all the delays have been painful.

That all changes this week, as Ni No Kuni II has officially gone gold. As a reminder that means the final build is done and ready to ship, and all we have to do now is wait until its March 23 release date.