Nicalis teases Ikaruga physical release on Switch


Do it

Switch physical releases are all the rage, within the Switch community at least. Publishers aren’t huge on them as indicated by many instances where they skipped over them entirely, or lamented on the “Switch tax,” or the extra cost associated with printing many pricey game carts as opposed to discs.

Nicalis still loves its Switch physical editions though, and frequently packs in little goodies to sweeten the deal (or price). That might be their strategy for Ikaruga, as they just teased the “world’s largest Nintendo Switch game case” for their PAX showing of the game.

Clearly they’re joking as the “case” is indeed the stand (if you couldn’t tell from the tweet below), but this is typically how the company teases physical releases. If you’re on the fence for this one maybe wait a while longer.

Nicalis [Twitter]