NieR: Automata screens are hot as hell


PS4 exclusive from Platinum Games

While I have at least heard the lauded soundtrack, I also have not played Nier, the cult classic RPG that Square Enix is bafflingly bringing back with Platinum Games at the helm. We interviewed them after the PS4-exclusive iNieR: Automata E3 reveal last year to learn a bit about how that happened (and why that man was a smiling moon).

Anyways, just a few more snapshots from the game, embedded below, which is less substantial than the gameplay video (embedded above) we got a while back. Still, it looks like Bayonetta set in a grungier version of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West‘s world, all of which is fine by me.

One thing to watch, as noted by Dual Shockers, is that all mention of the 2016 release year have been removed from NieR: Automata‘s official channels, but it just could be housekeeping ahead of an incoming release date reveal (E3, maybe).