Nightdive Studios releases a new teaser trailer for its System Shock remake


SHODAN is pleased

Fans of the upcoming System Shock remake should find this trailer enjoyable. Nightdive Studios is making steady progress on the title and this trailer gives us a small glimpse of some of the new technology in play (Unreal Engine 4).

SHODAN also narrates over some gameplay and her voice is just as creepy as ever.

Despite being 23 years old, the original System Shock is truly a masterpiece. It pushed the first-person genre forward in a lot of huge ways, even if its original control scheme was convoluted beyond reason. Nightdive’s Enhanced Edition port is excellent and makes the gameplay remarkably smooth. I was so compelled by it, I almost beat the game in a single sitting last year.

Nightdive Studios has been doing the lord’s work by getting older games on digital distribution. The extra care and attention they take in making them run on newer operating systems is huge, since a lot of these games don’t natively run on Windows 7 or higher. Even if every game they pick isn’t an old-school classic, Nightdive should be commended for preserving the past as accurately as possible.

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