Nightmare Creatures is coming back, hopefully better than ever


and in Pog form

In one of the more absurd announcements this year, Albino Moose, the company behind Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion: HD Renovation, announced they’re working on a brand new Nightmare Creatures, set both before and after the events of the 1997 original (with the intentionally wonky visuals to match).Apparently, according to their panel at PAX West, the Nightmare Creatures IP was just floating around after Activision dropped it long ago.

Nightmare Creatures was a game I once rented on a whim because of its dope (for the ’90s anyway) cover. I remember loving it as kid, but I just looked up some of its gameplay and it’s much rougher than I remembered. But this announcement is exciting nonetheless as it’s going to be a reboot for fans, by fans.

Anyone have good Nightmare Creatures memories? If anything, it’s sent me down rental store memory lane and now I have a huge smile on my face. The new Nightmare Creatures is planned for a current console and PC release.

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