Ninja Chowdown proves running doesn't always lead to weight loss


Get ready to go nuts…

With its origins in titles like Nom, Canabalt, and Temple Run, the auto-runner is one of the most reliable genres you can find on mobile devices. They’re one of my favorite time-wasters and frankly, auto-runners have got a lot better over time. The Raymangames specifically are credits to the genre. But I think one thing has been missing all these years from these games: fat ninjas chasing donuts.

From developer Dummy Dojo, Ninja Chowdownis an auto-runner featuring a portly ninja chasing down delicious pink donuts while battling the food-based gangs of the Pizza Pie-rates, Barbacarians, and Travelling Rollnins. The game is being published by Abylight Studios, which has really made a name for itself in the mobile marketplace.

Ninja Chowdownreleases this fall on iOS. It will be free to download with an optional $2.99/€3.49 in-app purchase to remove ads.