Ninjala anime coming to bust yo' bubble in January 2022


Stick THAT under your table

GungHo Online Interactive has announced that its super-colorful multiplayer title Ninjala will be getting an anime adaptation in the future. Revealed during the most recent developer diary for the arena-based battler, the Ninjala series hopes to introduce new audience members to the wall-running world of Ninjala and its cutesy cast of characters.

Unfortunately, no trailer or screens from the new series were revealed, but we did get to see some fun concept art, featuring popular poster kids Berecca, Burton, and Lucy. The new series is an entirely original concept — unrelated to the recent YouTube series or the title’s fun, pre-launch, CGI trailers. With a varied cast of characters and penchant for slapstick mayhem, an animated series for the younglings should be a fine fit for Ninjala. Here’s hoping it’s a good ‘un.

In addition to the new series, GungHo Online revealed the contents of Ninjala‘s eighth season. This includes a slew of customization items, Shinobi cards, and weapons, as well as a run of in-game deals and limited-time matches and events. Ninjala, frankly, has not been quite the juggernaut that similar multiplayer games — such as Nintendo’s Splatoon — would become, but GungHo Online Interactive deserves plaudits for offering consistent support for the title since its June 2020 release. And given that this anime series is over a full year away, that support looks set to continue.

Ninjala is available as a free-to-play title exclusively on Nintendo Switch.