Nintendo acknowledges the odd Devil's Third situation with a tweet


‘Excited to bring the game to Wii U’

Something weird is going on withDevil’s Third. We learned recently that the game was rumored to be dropped by Nintendo of America due to quality concerns. Allegedly, the game is not shaping up to be up to snuff for Nintendo, and more recently, a handful of European journalists suppposedly slammed the game during a testing session.

We reached out to NOA for comment, and they responded with their typical “Nintendo doesn’t comment on rumors or speculation” spiel. A few other sites, including Siliconera, have stated that the game has already been dropped by Nintendo in the US and “another publisher” (rumored to be XSEED) has picked it up.

But today, Nintendo of America randomly acknowledged the situation with a tweet, noting, “We know you are eager to hear more about Devil’s Third. We are excited to bring the game to Wii U and will have more to share soon.” There you have it — we’ll likely get the full picture sometime in the near future.

As a fan of Itagaki’s games, I’m eager to see what it can bring to the table.