Nintendo announced a new Metroid so we gave Zack a haircut


Preview: Metroid Prime: Blast Ball

Ah, young, handsome Zack Furniss. Relatively new to Destructoid and attending his first E3 for the site, Zack was wide-eyed and hopeful. He imagined a world of Metroid Prime 4 or Super-er Metroid and took his e3thusiasm to declare that, should Nintendo announce a new Metroid, he’d let someone at Destructoid shave a metroid into the back of his head.

Capitalizing on this bet, cruel Nintendo took a 3-vs-3 space soccer game and added “Metroid” to the title. Lo, a new Metroid was announced, technically.

Zack, a man of his word, would be shaven. Me, a man of manyThursday beers and one broken finger, would serve as shaver.