Nintendo backtracks on Super Mario Maker 2 restrictions, will allow friends to play together online


No more ‘randoms only’

Nintendo continues to drill down on some of the stuff they revealed so far at E3, and Super Mario Maker 2‘s Treehouse live stream is honing in on something the company has said in the past: that online play was limited to randoms only.

Takashi Tezuka, producer for the game, was on-hand to share that a post-game updatewill be coming that allows friends to play online with each other. Tezuka says, “we wanted to create an environment where people could play.” He goes on to clarify: “The game is completed where we can create a cycle where people can get ideas, share them with others, and play those. That’s when we feel like we’ve done our job of creating a complete experience.”

He did not elaborate on whether or not this was always in the works, or a response to the immense backlash the publisher received when this restriction was announced.Nintendo has since uploaded a video of the Treehouse discussion: the conversation about the update begins at 28:00.