Nintendo boasts improved Zelda: Skyward Sword HD controls that are 'smoother' on Switch


‘Smoother and more intuitive than the original version’

The day Zelda:Skyward Swordcame out, I hooked up my shiny new golden MotionPlus controller and…had some mechanical issues.

Then I tried my two other MotionPlus-adapter-ready Wiimotes, and…had more issues. Namely, deadzoning for bomb rolling and a few aiming problems: sword swinging was mostly on point. It turns out Nintendo thinks that system can be improved upon, based on a new ad for the game.

Shared over on Twitter by Nintendo of America, Skyward Sword HDon Switch will apparently have new enhancements with more precise motion controls. Here’s the rub: “the original controls have been recreated on Nintendo Switch, and are smoother and more intuitive than the original version.”

It’s a really bold marketing claim, to dump on the Wii like that; especially when Miyamoto got up on stage and touted how advanced MotionPlus technology was. But if it actually pans out, I’ll take it.

It won’t fix all of Skyward Sword‘s problems, but it’s a start.

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