Nintendo boasts that 'over 500 publishers' are working on Switch software


‘We plan to release a variety of titles from an increasing number of publishers going forward’

Every time I speak to an indie developer I try to work in a question on how easy it is to work with the Switch platform: they almost unanimously say that it’s leaps and bounds more simple than previous Nintendo systems.

That mentality seems to have caught on like wildfire, as Nintendo just dropped the bombshell that over 500 software publishers are working on the Nintendo Switch, with “more than 1,300 titles” available on the Switch eShop across all regions. That’s impressive for a system that’s just over a year old having come out of the financial failure of the Wii U.

Nintendo says they aren’t stopping either, as they are continuing to “deepen [their] ties with the developer community” to “widen the number of titles and genres” available. With a huge push for more mature content (sometimes almost Adults Only-level mature) and genres that traditionally don’t hit Nintendo systems (fighters, a push led by Arc System Works) we can see that mentality already taking shape.

Numbers don’t lie: with the new hardware milestone and the above data, it’s clear that the Switch is a success by almost any measure.

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