Nintendo confirms new Zelda: Twilight Princess HD details



In addition to the officially confirmed amiibo dungeon for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, Nintendo has shared a few new features for the game this morning. As well as inventory management, the GamePad can also be used to instantly transform into wolf form without pausing. Miiverse stamps have been confirmed in addition to the obvious Off-TV feature too.

There’s even a new item called the Ghost Lantern, which glows when a Poe is near. Thankfully, there’s also another huge change when it comes to the tedious Tears of Light sections, as only 12 tears are required, rather than 16. Hero Mode will be present with double-damage in effect (with no health pickups available), and the wallet limit has been increased. Of course, using the Ganondorf amiibo will unlock a Hero Mode+ of sorts with four times the damage.

All of this sounds pretty good, especially the Tear mechanic change, as it was the clear-cut worst part of the game for me.

Here’s an updated roundup of what to expect from the HD version.