Let's watch Nintendo hopefully show us Metroid Prime 4 and Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 at E3 2021


Or not?

Look Nintendo, we’re patient. It comes with the territory.

But you have Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Metroid Prime 4, and Bayonetta 3 just kind of….out there in the void. I mean the former at least got a full-on motion trailer! But the other two have…logos. We need a little more.

I’m not convinced we’re guaranteed to see any of those this E3, but we can still hope. In the meantime Nintendo has a billion projects to announce and showcase, as well as plenty of third party partners to prop up.

Maybe Smash DLC? What about another cute token HAL Laboratory surprise eShop release? You know I’m ready for it. But with how low key this E3 has been in general, I’m not counting on seeing an appearance from the entire Holy Trinity here. It would be nice to be pleasantly surprised. The key phrase here is “mainly releasing in 2021,” right there on the pre-show slide. They’re setting expectations here, folks.

Join us for the Nintendo Direct today at 12PM ET (which runs for 40 minutes), and afterward for the Treehouse Live segment (which will be three hours, ending roughly at 4PM ET). Get rowdy! We’ll be covering it all!