Nintendo Download: Chicory: A Colorful Tale


Also, Dungeon Munchies

As we near the end of any given year, game releases slow down a bit. Though we have one last surprise with the indie hit Chicory: A Colorful Tale.

Launching yesterday following a surprise Indie World Showcase stream, it gave 2021 one last shot in the arm. Other eShop releases this week include Dungeon Munchies, Let’s Play! Oink Games, Timelie, Super Animal Royale, and Spire: Ina’s Tale. It’s a lot of animal-based games! Including Super Animal Royale, which is described as a “64-player, frenetic, top-down 2D battle royale.”

The rest of the offerings are very slim, and a far cry from the “30-40” cadence that’s normally dumped on the eShop on a weekly basis.

Nintendo Download: Chicory week

  • Arcade Archives DRAGON BUSTER
  • Carebotz
  • Circa Infinity Ultimate Edition
  • Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzles – Dino Puzzle Game for Kids & Toddlers
  • Forgotten Hill Disillusion
  • Gardener’s Path
  • Hashihime of the Old Book Town append
  • HIM & HER 3
  • Love Pop!
  • MONOPOLY Madness
  • Murder Diaries 3 – Santa’s Trail of Blood
  • OMNO
  • RTO 3
  • Sakura Santa
  • The Enigma Machine
  • Trash Quest
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! RUSH DUEL: Dawn of the Battle Royale!!

If you missed last week’s edition, here it is. For those who are interested, sales are going on for all platforms.