Nintendo Download: Layton's Mystery Journey


Also, New Super Lucky’s Tale

The big one today isLayton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy Deluxe Edition, a Switch port of a mobile game that continued the Layton tale with his daughter in charge. The Switch is getting a few more heavy-hitters this week like New Super Lucky’s Tale, as well as Disney Tsum Tsum Festival.

Also on Switch:

  • ANIMUS: Harbinger
  • Arcade Archives T.N.K III
  • Asdivine Kamura
  • Bee Simulator
  • Blindy
  • Desktop Dodgeball Trial Edition
  • Desktop Rugby Trial Edition
  • Draw Chilly
  • Football Game
  • Headsnatchers
  • holedown
  • House of Golf
  • Incredible Mandy
  • Juicy Realm
  • JUMANJI: The Video Game
  • Mad Games Tycoon
  • Meanders
  • Monkey Barrels
  • One Person Story
  • puzzlement
  • Rally Road
  • REKT! High Octane Stunts
  • Ritual: Crown of Horns
  • Romancing SaGa 3
  • Skybolt Zack
  • Stay Cool, Kobayashi-San: A River City Ransom Story
  • Strange Telephone
  • Super Street: Racer
  • The Grisaia Trilogy
  • The Manga Works
  • The Mims Beginning
  • Thief of Thieves: Season One
  • Tokyo Dark – Remembrance –
  • Truck Simulator USA
  • Twister Road
  • Yaga
  • Zen Chess Collection

No 3DS or Wii U offerings again this week! But there is a ton of Switch stuff, keeping in line with Nintendo’s wishes. Scroll through the Switch eShop sometime: it’s insane just how bloated it’s become, allowing sales like this to exist just to be noticed.

If you missed last week’s edition,here it is. For those who are interested,sales are going onfor all platforms.