Nintendo Download: Legend of the Mystical Ninja


Also, Steel Lords

It’s a dull, dull day overall for Nintendo fans, and it probably isn’t going to get any brighter in coming weeks outside of indies — at least as it relates to the Wii U.

Today on the Wii U eShop you can find Baseball Simulator 1000, Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll, Steel Lords, and Tap Tap Arcade 2. Yowza, they may as well have taken the week off. The 3DS is a bit brighter with the fantastic Legend of the Mystical Ninja(SNES VC). I said a “bit,” because that’s literally the only 3DS game on offer this week.

If you missed last week’s edition,hereit is. As for what I’m getting, just Mystical Ninja.For those who are interested,sales are going onfor both the Wii U and 3DS.