Nintendo DS title Monster Tale to re-release on modern platforms in 2021


My Pet Monster

I don’t think anybody saw this one coming. Majesco Entertainment has announced that it plans to re-release Nintendo DS title Monster Tale on “modern platforms” in 2021. The publisher did not specify which platforms specifically, nor did it offer a tighter release window.

Developed by DreamRift and launched on Nintendo DS in 2011, Monster Tale is a hybrid platformer/virtual pet title, and sees a spritely young girl named Ellie journey through Monster World, accompanied by her strange, adaptive pal, Chomp. The duo works together to free the land of the nefarious “Kid-Kings” and find Ellie a path back to her own world.

Monster Tale features throwback pixel-style visuals, and a cute cast of heroes and villains. As players pick their way through each world, they will unlock new skills and abilities for both Ellie and Chomp, allowing access to new areas and creative boss characters. I’m not sure anyone considered Monster Tale a title ripe and raring for a comeback, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a welcome one all the same.

Monster Tale is currently in development for a 2021 release on unspecified platforms.