Nintendo's E3 week sale is stuffed with great Switch games, from first-party titles to indies


Paper Mario, Pikmin 3, and even some Nintendo DLC passes are in this eShop sale

E3 is a time to get pumped about future games, but what about the here and now? Nintendo would like a word. There’s a big Nintendo Switch eShop running right now through June 21 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific with up to half off games, DLC, and passes.

I know you know the drill by now — Nintendo games are rarely if ever “cheap,” even when they’re discounted — but go ahead and take a look at the deals anyway.

Notable Nintendo games

Others you might’ve missed

DLC and season passes

Relatively low prices

We didn’t get Pikmin 4 news at E3, so I had to give Pikmin 3 Deluxe another nod — it’s a fantastic entry point for you and/or your loved one. The co-op campaign can click with someone who doesn’t typically play these sorts of games, they just might need a nudge.

Even with all of these recommendations, I feel like I’m scratching the surface on this sale. There are actually multiple sales on the eShop (when aren’t there?), so it’s a good time, in general, to consult your personal wishlist and cross-reference the eternal MvP Deku Deals to make sure you don’t miss anything. Lots and lots of deals this month.

Let us know what else you spot! My mind is mush.