Nintendo files new suit against alleged Team Xecuter hacker Bowser


Bowser’s day in court beckons

Nintendo of America has filed a new lawsuit against an associate of long-time hack-maker Team Xecuter.

Following an F.B.I. investigation, Canadian Gary Bowser was arrested in the Dominican Republic in September 2020, before being extradited to the U.S. to face felony charges for the alleged creation and distribution of Nintendo Switch “jailbreak” devices such as the SX Core and SX Lite.

As reported by Polygon, Nintendo served a new lawsuit in a Seattle court last week, alleging that Bowser infringed on Nintendo’s copyright by creating and distributing the hacking devices. The lawsuit demands restitution in the amount of $2,500 USD for each trafficked device, and $150,000 for each copyright violation, as well as the complete shutdown of Bowser’s mod-making operations.

Bowser is one of a trio of Team Xecuter members facing felony charges for their part in alleged Switch hacking operations. French National Max Louarn was also arrested in September in Canada, with authorities still seeking U.S. extradition. A third associate, Chinese national Yuanning Chen, is still being sought by authorities.

The Team Xecuter arrests are part of an ongoing investigation and crackdown by Nintendo on the makers and distributors of hacking devices. Earlier in September 2020, Ohio-based hack-maker Uberchips was directed by the courts to pay $2 million USD in damages to Nintendo for its part in the distribution of Team Xecuter’s products.