Nintendo finally unveils its E3 Direct presentation plans: June 11



We pretttty much know everyone’s E3 plans are we steadily approach the “one month until the big event” mark, except Nintendo. Well that changes today.

As is customary, The Big N will be broadcasting an official E3 Nintendo Direct on the Tuesday of E3. To be specific: June 11 at 9AM PT. Although they don’t share any details, the description does state “The presentation, which focuses entirely on software, will offer a look at games scheduled to launch in 2019.”

So two things. First, they’re once again squashing the “New Switch” or “Switch Slim” rumors as it pertains to their June E3 announcement. If those are coming in 2019, they’ll be announced by way of a Direct, it seems. Second, “games scheduled to launch in 2019” is a pretty important thing to focus on. While it could just be a general statement, it could also hint that we won’t see things like Metroid Prime 4, which are still years out.

With all that in mind I want to see what Nintendo brings to the table. Animal Crossingand PokemonSword & Shieldnews are givens. Will we see one final appearance from Reggie? Stay tuned!

With Nintendo in the mix, check out the full 2019 E3 conference/stream list here. If you’re wondering about Treehouse Live (which has its own reveals), details for that are “coming at a later date.”