Nintendo fine print stipulates that the Switch Online NES suite additions will eventually end


Expected, but always nice to know

While it’s clear that all things have to come to an end sometime, a recent discovery in an official Nintendo-branded Hong Kong retailer leaflet indicates that yes, the Nintendo Switch Online program will stop giving us NES games. No window was given, but Nintendo will pull the plug on the NES portion at some point.

Now this seems like a bit of useless info at first glance, but it actually could hint at how the Switch Online program could scale over time. We haven’t gotten the SNES addition announcement yet despite the rumors, right? Well we’re pretty close to E3, and shortly afterward, Nintendo is coming up on just a few months shy of the first anniversary of Switch Online. What better time to shut off the NES valve and turn the SNES one on to get people to resubscribe?

That also opens up Nintendo to sell SNES remotes for Switch “exclusively for Switch Online members,” cleaning up among the collector crowd. Rinse and repeat for any other platform down the line that the Switch can accurately emulate: baby you got a stew goin’.

Akfamilyhome [Twitter]