Nintendo has a free display for the Link's Awakening amiibo and it's glorious


Don’t wake the Wind Fish

I know a lot of you grown adults aren’t necessarily hanging out in the child-oriented “Play Nintendo” portion of Nintendo’s site, but it kind of rules?

In addition to all sorts of fun arts and crafts projects to fill a rainy day afternoon/power outage, there’s fun polls and activities, plus a bunch of neat concepts that any game collector would enjoy putting together. Enter the Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakeningamiibo holder.

Consisting of just three cutout pieces (background, middle, base), all you need to do is print the project for free, then assemble it together. The instructions even have “ask a grown-up for help with the scissors”: classic! Although regular old paper will do, heavier cardstock will make this something you’d be proud of showing off.

And it is worth showing off! That amiibo rules, and is actually one of the most beloved creations to date from multiple higher-ups at Nintendo due to how authentic it looks transposed from the actual in-game character model.

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