Nintendo has refurbished 2DS units for $60


Pick ye poison

Not keen on the New 3DS and simply want a console to play those 3DS titles you’ve been itching to get your hands on? You’re in luck. Nintendo is offloading some refurbished 2DS unitsfor only $60 on its eBay store (aka the online outlet store for many retailers).

This deal is relatively rare/special given the retailer is Nintendo itself (we’ve seen refurb 2DS systems before from other retailers). The offer is also available online at the Nintendo Store, but you’ll be subjected to shipping fees, whereas on eBay it’s free.

Interesting enough, a refurbished white Wii U deluxe set with digital copies of Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land is also on sale at $235. Its not a bad deal, all things considered, given that it has a full year of warranty similar to the 2DSes being offered.

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