Nintendo is hosting a new Indie World Showcase tomorrow


Time to spotlight some more indies coming to the Switch

Nintendo is set to host another Indie World Showcase, spotlighting the independent games coming to the Nintendo Switch. Tomorrow, the Switch manufacturer will air a showcase stream, showing off what’s coming to the platform from indie developers.

Announced today on Nintendo’s social channels, the new showcase will air on Aug. 11 at 9 a.m. PT, 12 p.m. ET. The company says we can expect roughly 20 minutes of information on upcoming indie games heading to Nintendo Switch.

Not much more has been revealed otherwise, but a reminder: this is an Indie World Showcase, not a Nintendo Direct. So don’t expect Breath of the Wild 2, or Metroid, or any other major Nintendo title.

Instead, the focus will be on the indies, and honestly, there are a good few I’m keeping an eye out for. Nintendo’s done a pretty good job in bringing indie devs onto the Switch, and has featured some neat upcoming games like Sports StoryAxiom Verge 2, and Oxenfree II: Lost Signals in the past.

At roughly 20 minutes, it’ll probably be a very direct, focused affair. But there’s still a few months left to go until we’re in the holiday season, and alongside Nintendo’s slate of Metroid Dread and Advance Wars, some indies might help round out the Switch’s fall and holiday offerings.

Obviously, hopes are high for any news on the anticipated Hollow Knight: Silksong, too. Me personally? Aside from some indies I’m looking forward to like Sports Story, I’m just hoping for some surprises. A shadow drop, “it’s available now” is always exciting, and there are always one or two games I’ve never heard of that can pop up at these and make a case for my backlog.

We’ll see what Nintendo and its partners have in store on Aug. 11, at 9 a.m. PT / noon ET.