Surprise, Nintendo is hosting a new Indie World Showcase tomorrow


A holiday surprise from Nintendo and its indie partners

Nintendo announced today that it will be hosting a new Indie World Showcase, and it’s showing up before the year’s out too. A new Indie World Showcase will air tomorrow, Dec. 15, to share information on upcoming independent games coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The broadcast will air at noon ET, or 9 a.m. PT. You can find it live on YouTube here, or via the embed below:

Nintendo has said the Indie World Showcase for December 2021 will feature roughly 20 minutes of content about upcoming indie games coming to the Switch.

The year might be almost over, but that doesn’t mean there’s any shortage of speculation on what this showcase might bring. I imagine the cries for news of Hollow Knight: Silksong are already ringing out across comments sections and forums. And other indies, like Sports Story, have been drifting around for a bit and could be due for an update.

Looking back to an Indie World Showcase from the same date last year, it had announcements like Spelunky coming to Switch and a same-day drop of Among Us. There is precedent for some drops. And earlier this year, we had a bunch of surprise-drops on the day of an Indie World Showcase.

That said, I prefer to temper expectations and just look forward to what the next few months of indie games can bring. The new year is going to get going fast once we get to February. But in the space in-between, I’m definitely looking to pick up some indies to pass the time.