Nintendo is already smashing its Wii U indie initiative out of the gate with the Switch


Timed exclusives up the ol’ wazoo

Nintendo is making up for lost time with all of the work they’ve been doing to woo indie developers on their platform. While the Wii U was a decent step up from the pitiful WiiWare platform, they really didn’t come around to the idea of aggressively competing with other platforms until halfway into its life cycle — by then, it was too late.

But in this past week, they’ve basically turned the notion around that they aren’t trying. Fast RMX (exclusive), and Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment (timed exclusive)are now launch titles for the Switch. Also, just today during their Nindies Showcase stream, they confirmed Steamworld Dig 2, Yooka-Laylee, Overcooked: Special Edition, The Escapists 2, Gonner(timed exclusive), Dandara, Kingdom: Two Crowns, Runner3 (the wording suggests it’s exclusive), Blaster Master Zero, Flipping Death, Graceful Explosion Machine(timed exclusive), Mr. Shifty(timed exclusive), Tumbleseed, Shakedown Hawaii(timed exclusive), Pocket Rumble(console exclusive), WarGroove, and Stardew Valley multiplayer (timed console exclusive).

We’re not even to E3 yet and we already have a ton of games that are hitting the Switch. It sounds hyperbolic, but we could see the Switch library eclipse that of the Wii U in just one year. Get a feel for what’s coming with a trailer bonanza below.