Nintendo is having yet another 'Nindies Showcase' Direct-like event next week just for Switch


August 28

It’s important to understand the dilineated terms of Nintendo’s various presentations. Well, not really, but just roll with me here.

Their arguably biggest events are called “Directs,” and generally show off major AAA titles, frequently with new announcements. Then there’s a few other Direct-esque series like “Indie Highlights” (which hosted an episode this week for Gamescom) and the “Nindies Showcase” show. That latter bit is getting a new episode next week.

Nintendo hast just announced that a new Nindies Showcase is coming at 9AM PT on August 28. Now generallythere is at least one announcement here, and a lot of release dates peppered in, so it’s going to be worth watching. Note that Nintendo has confirmed that this event is justSwitch related, and could very well finally give us the release date for Shovel Knight‘s King KnightDLC.

You can watch it herealong with us, and we’ll be covering all of the news. As a reminder, the last event was roughly 11 minutes.