Nintendo is planning more than just the Mario movie from the Minions studio


‘We are pursuing further opportunities’

Nintendo likes to play things close to the chest, but every so often the company will give us little kernels of info to either create excitement: or excite their investors.

We know that Nintendo is ready to take on cross-media projects with a renewed gusto, as evidenced by their partnership with Illumination (Minions, Despicable Me) for a Mario film. But thanks to a corporate management policy briefing this week, we know that it’s just one prong of their aggressive strategy.

While the Mario film is due in 2022, Nintendo says that they have “already embarked on multiple other visual content expansion projects,” and are “pursuing further opportunities.” Nintendo also clarifies that “visual content expansion initiatives may not be limited to film,” opening up the door for say, a Mario TV show on a streaming service. Nintendo says it will “continue to invest in these entertainment expansion initiatives.”

All of this is in addition to their usual gaming strategy, as well as the theme park expansion initiative (no further details were provided for that venture), more merchandise (of course), a bigger retail location footprint and additional mobile expansions.

With the Switch as big as it is, now is the time to strike: Nintendo is enjoying their largest sales push since the height of the Wii craze.

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