Nintendo is releasing some Monster Hunter Rise wallpapers to celebrate its launch


There’s three, and they’re on My Nintendo

Monster Hunter Risewallpapers? Don’t mind if I do!

In classic My Nintendo fashion, the site has put up a very small, all-digital promo for Monster Hunter Rise. Although some games have gotten the physical item treatment, other big titles kind of come and go without it.

I mean, we could get a physical Risereward at some point! But for now, there’s digital wallpapers. Just head on over to the My Nintendo landing page for them, and you can download three wallpapers that fit both a PC desktop and a mobile device. As a heads-up, you can find all of the resolutions you’ll get below.

Weird promo aside, I love these, especially the first two that employ a unique chibi style (the third uses the same classicUkiyo-e motif that the game employs for monster images).

The catch is they’re 50 Platinum Points each, if you’re down for that. If you need some scratch, you can head to our ultimate guide for My Nintendo points and you’ll be good to go in minutes.

Landscape format:3840×2160・ 2560×1440・1920×1080・1366×768・1280×1024

Portrait format:1440×2560・1242×2208・1125×2436・1080×1920・750×1334・720×1280・640×1136