Nintendo is running a Captain Toad scavenger hunt for My Nintendo points



Captain Toad arrived a few years back on the system that shall no longer be named (it’s even deleted entirely from some regions of Nintendo’s website), but now that it’s out for Switch and 3DS Nintendo is celebrating it like a brand new launch.

One of the festivities includes a Pixel Toad scavenger hunt, which is located at the Captain Toad landing page and interacts with My Nintendo. The task is simple — find four hidden Pixel Toads and you’ll earn 100 Platinum Points at the end of it.

It should only take you several minutes to do, just flip through the“characters, tricks & Traps, items & treasure, and buy now (clever girl)” sections of the site. Maybe you can spend those points on…something…other than the alternate Octopath Travelerbox art that was just released.

Captain Toad [Nintendo]