Nintendo just overhauled the My Nintendo site


The rewards are still disappointing

Nintendo just put a new coat of paint on the My Nintendo website, providing a little bit of Miitomo magic to the whole thing. Instead of clicking on a loose coin to gather it your Mii chases it around, and there’s a few extra animations for your avatar like painting and flying around on balloons. It’s really cute, and really reflects Nintendo’s signature charm.You can also set up a unique User ID for Club Nintendo (find this by clicking the top right icon, then settings, then edit your basic info, and click “User ID” on the left), and enable child accounts.

Yet, there isn’t much on the actual content front still. Most of the rewards are still from November, and the only recent addition in the US is a Samus theme, which is basically the only thing the publisher has done to celebrate the Metroid anniversary. This could be a really cool place to chill one day and interact with for worthwhile rewards, but not today, Zurg.

Hopefully the Switch will breathe new life into it.

My Nintendo [Nintendo]