Nintendo labels new Fatal Frame trailer 'extremely spoopy'


Nintendy has the dankiest of memes

Nintendo has taken a page out of Sega’s book and proved that it is hip, cool, and totally down with the jive slang and dank memes of the internet today by labeling the new trailer for Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water“extremely spoopy.”

I’m a huge fan of Nintendo’s meme-worthy sense of humor as it is always lighthearted, and fun, which are words I don’t often use about the games industry as of late. Remember that time Ubisoft tried to force a meme?

Maiden of Black Waterlooks like it has the potential to be great judging by this trailer, but I’m not sold on the GamePad integration; will it feel like holding a real camera or will I feel like an asshole with an iPad recording videos at a concert? I guess we’ll find out next week when the game releases as an eShop exclusive in the US.

In the meantime, I think I’m going to break out my English patched copy of Fatal Frame 4, because I’m swag like that.