Nintendo reaffirms its strategy of 'two to three' smartphone games a year


I wonder if they’ll go back on their planned strategy

So far, Nintendo is content in claiming that they won’t make Fire Emblem Heroes‘ gambling-based microtransactions a habit. This is before it made more money than Super Mario Runthough, despite dealing with 1/10th of the downloads.

So yes things could change as they look to increase their worldwide mobile footprint, but for now we’re safe. Wait, Nintendo is still keen on the mobile market? Of course! As they restated in their recent financial briefing, in an effort to “maximize the number of people who have access to a Nintendo IP,” they’re looking to continue to release “two to three” titles per year on smart devices.

I mean they have a near-infinite well to draw from, so why not? But could you imagine the backlash if they don’t announce a Switch Metroidgame this year and make the next game a mobile project instead? They’re in such a precarious position with their mobile arm now that the know that Marioisn’t as bulletproof as he is on consoles and handhelds.

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