Nintendo releasing Google Home app 'Pikachu Talk'


At last, a friend!

Whilst Nintendo appear to be the masters of consistent trademark applications, one such legal declaration, filed earlier this month, looks like a pretty amusing piece of software.

The trademark is for an app intended for use with Google Home, Google Home Mini and Amazon’s Alexa device. Titled Pikachu Talk, it is apparently some form of home interaction tool, using the voice of Pokemon’s electrifying poster-boy.

As you can see from the video below, it’s going to be really useful. Whether you need weather or traffic reports, additions making to your shopping list, or just an ego-boosting pick-me-up, Pikachu will always have the answer you need to hear.

It’ll be pretty cute to have the lil’ monster’s voice echoing throughout your home. Y’know, for about a day, at least.

Nintendo trademark Pikachu Talk Google Home app [Japanese Nintendo]

【ピカチュウとお話しよう】Google HomeとGoogle Home Miniでピカチュウとお話できるようになりました!「OK Google, ピカチュウと話したい♥」と声を掛けてみてね!

— Google Japan (@googlejapan) November 8, 2017