Nintendo says Ring Fit Adventure sales continue to soar in Asia, with massive shortages


‘[We] would like to apologize again for this inconvenience’

So in case you missed it, Ring Fit Adventure launched last October, and it absolutely rules. I only got into it recently, but I’ve found it to be a perfect mix of physical activity and cute RPG fun. It’s something I look forward to playing a few times a week, often times as a warm up for another activity.

Over in the west, Ring Fit Adventureis fairly easy to pick up for MSRP, but the same can’t be said about most regions in Asia. Speaking on the latest policy management briefing for Nintendo’s latest financial period, Nintendo presidentShuntaro Furukawa cleared the air a bit on the shortages for Ring Fit Adventure, which have been an ongoing issue.

Furukawa explains that sales for the game have continued to grow, but that it really took off in east Asia: specifically South Korea and Japan. From there it also gained traction in the European market following a Black Friday boost. Although Furukawa isn’t giving exact worldwide numbers, the Japanese/North American/European sell-through is said to be in excess of 1.7 million units.

He thinks this number should be higher though, and isn’t because of the aforementioned shortages (Wii Fit, anyone?). It’s selling out “rapidly” in East Asia, and he apologizes again as Nintendo attempts to restock the game and its Ring Fit/leg attachment accessory. Nintendo also gives us a basic demographic breakdown, noting: “There is a higher ratio of female consumers playing Ring Fit Adventure compared to other titles, and a wide range of ages regardless of gender, as families play the title at home, giving a real feel for how our consumer base is expanding.”

Well deserved!

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