Nintendo shows us how to create some real Paper Mario: Origami King art


Like magic

In Paper Mario: Origami King, the evil Olly transforms nearly all of the Toads in the Kingdom into various objects or creatures: it’s your job to save them. Or, forgo that optional collect-a-thon entirely and just save your loved ones. That might be more preferable.

Either way, the Toads exist and are very much in peril, but Nintendo, at the very least, is giving them a second thought with this new origami folding tutorial. What’s amazing about this particular video is how meticulous it is. The demonstrator is actually taking a paper Toad, similar to the ones in the game, and folding it into an object that exists in the game.

While people are quick to dismiss the new Paper Marioformula, I think this goes to show that there’s still quite a bit of thought that goes into building these worlds. Color Splashwas the same way. It’ll be very interesting to see if Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have any gas in the tank left for a new gimmick, having already done stickers, color and origami: the latter of which is the best theme yet.

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