Nintendo Switch is reportedly getting 3D Mario remasters and a new Paper Mario


Super Mario’s 35th anniversary celebration sounds like a dream

Multiple outlets have reported that Nintendo plans to bring a few iconic 3D Mario games to Nintendo Switch, including the all-time-great Super Mario Galaxy, for the series’ 35th anniversary. Beyond these exciting Switch remasters, we’re also expected to get a new Paper Mario in 2020. (Please be good!)

According to reports from VGC, Eurogamer, and Gematsu, Nintendo was planning to announce a slew of Mario remasters at E3 2020 in June, an option that’s no longer on the table due to COVID-19.

It’s unclear when we can expect an announcement from Nintendo, especially when events and dates keep drifting away, but here’s the rumored list: Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario 3D World Deluxe (an upgraded take on the Wii U title with new levels).

Here’s another interesting rumor from GamesBeat (including the first mention of Super Mario Galaxy 2):

“For the remasters, our source is telling us that Nintendo is pursuing something like a Super Mario All-Stars 2 for the 3D Mario games. This would include Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and then Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. It’s likely that 3D World may get its own, separate Deluxe-style release. While it’s possible the older 3D Mario games could come in a single compilation, it’s also likely that Nintendo will release them individually as it did with its Zelda remasters.”

Would you play these games again on Switch? I’m down for all of ’em assuming the pricing isn’t too steep. Even then, I’ll probably cave – that’s how badly I want more 3D platformers on my Switch. That said, I’m already dreading the pachinko stage in Sunshine and Champion’s Road in 3D World.

As for Paper Mario, GamesBeat believes it’ll be “closer to the Nintendo 64 and GameCube games.”