Nintendo Switch is skipping Miiverse and StreetPass


RIP funny drawings and confused young boys

Much to some fans’ dismay, Miiverse and StreetPass, Nintendo’s rather novel communication systems for Wii U and 3DS, weren’t mentioned last night during the extensive Switch presentation. If that absence left you anxious about the fate of these features on the system, your fears were well-founded.

“I can answer that we’re not going to be using Miiverse for Nintendo Switch,” Nintendo of America’s David Young informed VentureBeat, also noting a similar fate for StreetPass on the Switch. In place of Miiverse, the console will rely on existing social media, but Nintendo didn’t name names.

Straight up, that’s so disappointing. These features weren’t perfect, but they sure had charm.

At least we’ll always have BadMiiversePosts.

Nintendo Switch won’t have Miiverse or StreetPass [VentureBeat] [Art by megablurdxl]