Nintendo Switch is getting Life is Strange: True Colors and the Remastered Collection in 2021


If nothing else, the trailer is worth watching for a cute little Life is Strange animation

During a round of quick third-party-developer news updates at today’s E3 2021 Nintendo Direct, Square Enix announced the Nintendo Switch versions of Life is Strange: True Colors (releasing September 10) and Life is Strange Remastered Collection (Q4 2021). If you’re surprised by the total lack of Life is Strange on Switch until now, I hear you.

2021 is a big year for this series, that’s for sure. With such humble beginnings, I never would’ve expected this snowball effect back in 2015.

The cute series-spanning animation shown during the Direct is worth watching for fans.

Otherwise, for the unfamiliar, Life is Strange: True Colors is a new standalone adventure game starring Alex Chen, who has supernatural empathy. (Yes, really.) Life is Strange Remastered Collection is also new, sort of — it’s a two-game remaster of the original Life is Strange and its follow-up Before the Storm with enhanced animations, lighting, and even puzzles. Considering that the remaster is already locked in for September 30 on other platforms, it’s odd the Switch port is showing up at an undisclosed later date.

I’m not expecting great things from the visual fidelity or performance for either of these games on Switch, but at least they’re proper ports, not Cloud Versions.