Nintendo Switch peripherals priced, Pro Controller costs $70


And much more!

Nintendo has just posted pricing information for its Switch peripherals. Of note is the Pro Controller, set for a MSRP of $69.99, while a pair of Joy-Cons will cost $79.99. The Pro Controller has motion controls and amiibo support, along with “HD Rumble,” whatever that actually means. Joy-Con packs are available in grey, red, blue, and blue/red. If you want a single Joy-Con for any reason, you can buy a single grey controller for $49.99. The Joy-Con charging grip will run you $29.99, and the now-standard wheel controllers cost $14.99 for a set of two.

Curiously, you will also be able to purchase an extra Nintendo Switch docking station (and accompanying HDMI cable and A/C adapter), allowing you to, say, bring your Switch from the bedroom to your living room. The official Nintendo site makes no mention of a pack-in option for the system, leading me to believe interested players will have to make a day-one software purchase if they actually want something to play on their new Switch.

What’s included, options, bundles [Nintendo]