Nintendo Switch prices soar to new heights in Japan ahead of Splatoon 2 launch


Might want to hold out a little longer

We are one week away from the release of the highly anticipated Splatoon 2which has got many fans, including young Japanese aquarium-goers, very excited. Unfortunately, if you’re in Japan and don’t already own the console, now is not the best time to go shopping for one as resell prices are higher than ever.

While the retail price is 32,378 yen, the actual going price is around 49,500 yen at even the largest distributors, Rakuten and Amazon Japan. That is more than a 50% increase, and we’re not even talking scalpers.

Nintendo has said they are upping production, but it’s a bit late for those who were hoping to get one of the three major Switch titles releasing this year. A few weeks back Josh Tolentino asked if Switches were any easier to pick up in Japan. If you were wondering the same, well, here’s your answer.

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