The 2021 Nintendo Switch Year in Review is now available


See just how many hours you spent designing homes, training Pokemon, or defending your clients

Nintendo has launched its Year in Review app for Switch owners. And similar to other year-in-review apps like Spotify’s, this one will pull no punches in telling you just how much time you dumped into everything Switch this year.

You can check it out by heading over to the Nintendo Switch Year in Review page and logging in through your account. From there, it will notify you of the last time it updated your info, and spin up the stats on everything you’ve played in the year 2021.

What does that look like? Well, it’s a little different for everyone. Results will show how many hours you spent playing your Nintendo Switch, both handheld and docked. You can also see a month-by-month breakdown, as well as which games earned most of your hours.

For me? I put a pretty surprising number of hours into the Switch this year, which shouldn’t be a surprise, I guess. From Gnosia to Dungeon Encounters, I had a lot of games I kept going back to on Nintendo’s handheld. And honestly, I should probably say hybrid handheld, because I managed to almost evenly split my time between docked and handheld play.

The leader in my playtime wasn’t Animal Crossing: New Horizons or Pokemon Unite, though. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles stole away with my most hours. And honestly, that does make sense. It was two fairly lengthy Ace Attorney games in one, and was also one of the better games I played this year.

Head on over to the Nintendo Switch Year in Review page and feel free to share your results down below!