Nintendo trademark for Eternal Darkness could lead to a Virtual Console release


On the Switch?

Eternal Darknesswill go down in history as one of the greatest GameCube games to grace the system, but any hope of a follow-up has been complicated by the fact that its developer, Silicon Knights, is in complete disarray.

So while we wait for whatever may come of that jumbled mess of a new project, we can hold out hope that the original will someday arrive as a remaster. Nintendo hasn’t been as keen as Microsoft and Sony on that front, but this trademark could have revealed a Virtual Console play.

Among all of the other rumors that the Switch is getting a proper GameCube Virtual Console, this trademark filing is highly suspect, timing-wise. But given how much moneythose aforementioned HD remasters are making for developers worldwide, we could see one of those as well as Nintendo shifts their business model to sure things. Whatever the case, I wish we just had info on the Switch already.

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