Nintendo tweets out Mario Odyssey hint art, intrigues us with more secrets


This one was easy, but fun to figure out

Nintendo does a really good job at getting their community fired up every now and then, either through offbeat types of viral marketing, or by way of in-game festivities. This stunt is like a combination of both, as the publisher tweeted out another scavenger hunt-esque picture for Super Mario Odysseyfans to pour over.

While these hints usually lead to Power Moons you may have already collected, this one allows players to discover a little 8-bit Luigi that doles out coins — just head below the little floating pyramid in Sand Kingdom and ground pound the floor. What’s amazing to me isn’t that there’s so many secrets hidden in Odyssey, it’s what Nintendo could do with its giant sandboxes in the future.

All they have to do is add in a quick and breezy update and bam, you have more secrets to find that didn’t exist before. Odysseyhas been a pleasant surprise given its longevity, and the recent Luigi’s Balloon World update really helped inject more life into it.

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