Nintendo UK partners with Digital Schoolhouse for educational programme


We’ve come a long way since Fun School 3

Nintendo UK has announced that it is now the lead partner in UKie’s Digital Schoolhouse programme (DSH), an educational endeavor that encourages learning through play.

Digital Schoolhouse is a not-for-profit organisation that tours UK primary schools offering classes and workshops, helping young schoolchildren get a foothold in the use of computers and technology, teaching skills so prevalent and important in the modern age. Almost 60,000 pupils and 55 schools have taken part in DSH workshops to date. Nintendo will support Digital Schoolhouse in all of its educational efforts moving forward, and is even planning a nationwide Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Team Battle tournament! Man, we didn’t have something so cool when I was in class. Board Game Day was our limit.

“Nintendo UK is extremely excited to be working together with Ukie’s Digital Schoolhouse as lead partner,” said Nintendo UK’s Kalpesh Tailor. “The Digital Schoolhouse programme uniquely combines computing, fun, creativity and innovation, all of which are synonymous and at the heart of Nintendo’s values.”

DSH director Shahneila Saeed was similarly enthused. “We’re delighted Nintendo UK has agreed to throw its support behind Digital Schoolhouse.” Saeed said in a press statement. “DSH has evolved enormously in just three years and their support means we can reach more pupils and teachers than ever with our transformative and inspiring programme.”

To find out more about the Digital Schoolhouse, you can visit its official website right here.

Nintendo is the new lead partner for Digital Schoolhouse []