Nintendo unveils Arms, a fighting sports game for Switch


Motion-based boxing

During the Nintendo Switch presentation, we got a glimpse at a new property called Arms. Yep, just Arms. It’s a “fighting sports game” in which players duke it out with their extendable arms.

The feel of the game was described as a mix of boxing and shooting (in that aim is involved). You’ll hold a Joy-Con in each hand, and when you punch in real life, your character will mimic you. You can even alter the trajectory of punches by curving your wrists, or dodge by tilting the controllers.

We saw a bunch of characters of various form factors, including “Spring Man” and “Ribbon Girl,” as well as a multitude of moves like dashes, blocks, and uppercuts. There’s some depth here.

Arms is coming to Nintendo Switch in spring 2017 and it’ll support online and local multiplayer.