Nintendo: Wii U will 'continue to fight on,' even if only Zelda is planned for it


The NX won’t replace it, huh?

Nintendo had another doozy of a shareholder meeting last night, and talked about nearly every facet of their business, including the fabled NX. After not showing it at E3 they have in fact reconfirmed that it will launch in March 2017 this week, even with the last-minute “surprise” preparations they’re still working on.

The publisher will also “continue to focus” on the amiibo business, which just hit 24.7 million units sold (a number they’ve been sticking with since April, and includes card sales). Sadly the 3DS is in a bad place at the moment because of “no big 3DS hit titles,” but Nintendo is hopeful, especially since a new Pokemonis due to arrive in November.

The mobile arm seems to be doing okay, as Nintendo is excited that Miitomo had a “good start” (though they mention nothing of the stark dropoff in user engagement over time), and that Fire Emblemand Animal Crossingmobile are still coming this fall. As for the Wii U, it will “continue to fight on,” but only Zeldais planned next year. Gulp!

Nintendo Everything has a recap on all the Q&A questions as well, including someone who protested the board being all male, the company breaking down how many copies Zelda needs to sell to break even (two million worldwide, with a concession for 300,000 in Japan), a tidbit on how they want to reuse game engines more,and that Nintendo once again acknowledges that they’re “researching” VR.

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