Nioh gold farming can be fast, easy, and lucrative


Bless you, Oroboro

If there’s one thing I could use more of in Nioh, it’s gold. Gold is where it’s at.

It’s true that you can play normally and boost your gold-grabbing efforts with stat-boosting equipment, your choice in guardian, or the achievement-esque title system. That all helps for gold dropped by enemies. But there’s a better, faster way to amass funds for your costly blacksmith purchases: “A Request from Ginchiyo.” It’s a sub-mission accessible early on, in the game’s first map region.

YouTuber and streamer Oroboro outlines the mission’s gold-run route in the video above, but the short of it is you’re after a specific chest that can appear in a few locations, there’s an optimal path that doesn’t require any fighting, and you can clear the mission in a couple of minutes once you know the layout and spawn points. The reward is 12,000 gold normally, or a ridiculous 111,400 gold on “Way of the Strong,” Nioh‘s new game plus mode. From personal experience, this method is a godsend.

I’ve only cleared Nioh‘s first region on Way of the Strong, so I can’t speak to other potential gold-digging opportunities later on (Oroboro claims it’s “still the best gold farming method,” which I firmly believe). That said, the run is very very doable and quick, even taking into account load times to and from the mission. Master the tried-and-true “claw” method of holding your gamepad and just run like hell.

If you’re working toward that “Regular Smith Customer” Trophy for making 60 requests at the blacksmith (it’s my last one!), this is the way to go about that. Hitting 60 takes for-ev-er. You can earn some free “points” to put in a request for discounts and other perks by simply going through all of the dialogue with Senji Tome, but for the rest, you’re looking at spending 200,000 gold at the blacksmith’s just to gain a single request point, and eventually, that already steep amount starts to climb.