Nioh has cleared two million sales


Sequel when?

I love Nioh for so many reasons and it warms my heart to see the game continue to sell well.

It has tight, layered combat. It strikes a nice balance between drama and levity. The base game is rich with content, and it just never seems to end if you own the expansions and get caught up in the grind. It’s not only one of my favorite Souls-like games, it’s also one of my favorite PS4 titles to date.

Thank you everyone for continuing to #DefyDeath. Nioh has now sold over 2 million copies worldwide! Were you able to find all the Kodama during your journey?

— Team NINJA (@TeamNINJAStudio) May 28, 2018

Two million sales down, hopefully many more yet to come.

Team Ninja has done a terrific job tweaking, expanding, and just generally giving Nioh players a reason to keep the game permanently installed, but I cannot wait to see what a sequel might hold.

Team Ninja [Twitter]